Natural Born Modelers JD-32: Mitsubishi F-2A - 3 WG 50th Anniversary

Units: 3 WG JASDF


 about 1400 yen. Not yet listed on website


Scott Van Aken

From the folks at comes the first sheet I've seen in their Natural Born Modelers line. This one is for the Mistubishi F-2A in 1/72 scale and covers (literally) a specially painted aircraft for the 50th Anniversary of the JASDF's 3 WG. It is undoubtedly designed for the Hasegawa kit as I don't know of any other F-2A being marketed.

The colors shown are FS 35042 Sea Blue upper with FS 35164 Intermediate Blue undersides and a FS 36231 radome. The decals are superbly printed and though it seems like a lot of stuff, it is for one aircraft. NBM has done what is now common for some companies in that they provide continuous markings for entire airframe sections. This makes it even more imperative be sure there are no air bubbles under the decals, but also makes it so much easier than applying what seem like hundreds of small, individual stencils. These markings have been contracted out to Cartograf for printing so you know the quality is first rate.

The markings guide is in full color and shows precisely where each of the many markings are to be applied. It even includes those for pylons. Though I cannot read it, I have to assume that one applies the common markings first, then when dry, the special markings go over them. It appears complex, but if one takes things slowly, the result will be an excellent and special model.

My thanks to Platz Hobby for the review set. You can get this on-line at once it has been entered into their database. Ask your local shop to start carrying the line as they have a number of other Japanese special schemes in their catalogue.

October 2008

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