MYK Decals 72153: Sea Blue TBM-3

PRICE: 1100 yen
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: No kit specified, but probably the Hasegawa kit.

This sheet is fairly small, even for 1/72 scale and includes markings for three aircraft, all of which have the geometric tail markings used late in the war until the letter codes came into being. All the planes are in overall sea blue so that makes the models easy to paint. The sheet includes insignia for one of the three options, so doing two or three from the sheet will require using kit decals or markings from another source.

The three options are:

VT-46 from the USS Independence in 1945 with the checkerboard tail markings.

VC-96 aboard the USS Radyerd Bay with the crossed box markings.

Finally, and not shown, is a VT-85 aircraft from the USS Shangri-La with a lightning bolt tail marking.

In addition to the insignia, there are prop tip markings and logos along with a set of wing walk markings.

As I mentioned before, these decals are different from standard waterslide or dry transfer. You cut out the marking not getting too close to the inked part. Dip it in water, place it on the model, pat it down and remove the covering sheet. Let it dry for a day then place a piece of tape over it to remove the decal carrier film. The inked part of the marking will stay in place. I've used these before and that really works but you do have to wait a full day and be careful not to put one marking over another (as in fuselage bands) or you'll pull up a section of the overlaying decal. Not an issue with this sheet.

I am looking forward to using these. There is no kit recommended, but most of us will use the 1/72 Hasegawa offering for this sheet.

September 2019

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