Microscale 1/48 Sheet 48-071 for TA-4J Skyhawk

MSRP $6.00  

The TA-4J has not been very well represented in 1/48 scale.  Frankly, the only dedicated kit is a rather old and basic Fujimi kit. However, there are several conversions for the Monogram OA-4M kit that will allow you to do a very nice TA bird.

Designed for the Fujimi kit, this is one of Micro/Superscale's earlier releases.  It is for some very colorful commander's aircraft from  VA-45, VX-4 and VF-126.  

The VA-45 aircraft is listed as overall gull grey except for the bottom of the wing (!).

For the VX-4 aircraft, the same interesting scheme of overall gull grey except that the wings, rudder and stabilizer are white (!!)

VF-126 color scheme is overall white.

Of the three, the first two sound rather suspicious and I would definitely check reference photos to verify such odd schemes.  

As with other early Microscale sheets, the insignia have to come from the kit or another sheet.