Montex K 32040: P-38J Lightning

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet covers two P-38J Lightnings. It is designed for the Trumpeter 1/32 P-38J Lightning, though it might work on the older Revell kit if you have it. Like the previous sets, this is what I call a decal mask as it provides much of what is normally done with a decal from other folks as a painting mask.

Nothing looks better than painted on markings and this sheet provides almost all of what you need for either set of options as paint masks. This includes both interior and exterior canopy masks, insignia, serials and some banding.

What is given as a decal are the nose art. Since masking this would be tedious to the max, there is a mask for the white background and then the nose art decals are applied over that. These look like Alps or similar decals as they are quite thin and covered by a single carrier film.

The two aircraft on the sheet are in overall unpainted metal with OD anti-glare panels.

First is a red trimmed aircraft from the 95 FS/82 FG from Italy in 1944. Lots of red bits on this one and they will have to be masked.

From the 67 FS/347 FG in the Philippines during 1945 comes the aircraft with the nose art. The masks include the green lightning bolt and the black fin stripes to help ease what is a rather complex masking job.

Two really great schemes and these sorts of masks are perfect for these big scale aircraft. Once again I've shown the guide as the actual masks would look like a solid sheet.

August 2005

My thanks to Design and Marketing International for the review set. Visit them to order this and other fine Montex sets.

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