Montex K 32019: TBM-3 Avenger

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$15.58 from Design-Marketing Int'l


Scott Van Aken

The next in the line of Montex decal masks is this sheet for the huge Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 Avenger. Unless you have been next to one of these aircraft, you really don't know just how monstrous these aircraft actually are. They almost make a B-25 look small by comparison!

This set of masks is for two aircraft in overall dark sea blue.

The first is from VMTB-132 aboard the USS Cape Gloucester in July of 1945. All the markings are provided as masks or can otherwise be easily painted on.

The other is for a VT-46 aircraft aboard the USS Independence in April of 1945. This one has a rather neat checkerboard pattern on the tail and the ailerons.

The masks include instructions on applying them on the rear of the Avenger for you will note that the insignia are not straight with the datum of the aircraft. As with other Montex decal masks, the mask lines are invisible when scanned so I'm showing the guide sheet. You will also note that there are both interior and exterior masks for the greenhouse and the turret, making this a most complete mask set.

August 2005

My thanks to Design and Marketing International for the review set. Visit them to order this and other fine Montex sets.

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