Montex 1/32 Ki-43-II 'Oscar'



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Scott Van Aken

Here is a look at another nice Montex sheet. While no kit is indicated, there is only one 1/32 Oscar out there as of this writing and it is a rather old, but still nice one by Hasegawa

The set consists of two sheets of pre-cut stencils for the markings on two planes and one that has inner and outer canopy masks and wheel masks. The two markings options are for the 248 Sentai at Hollandia in New Guinea in March of 1944 and a plane of the 19th Shimbu-Tai in the Tokyo area in March 1945. Both planes are dark green upper with unpainted metal undersides.

There are only two ways to use masks like this. One is to paint the entire airframe, apply the mask, mask heavily around it to prevent overspray and to then paint the colors (in this case red and white). The other is to prepaint the area on which the mask is placed and then once all the areas are properly masked, to paint the rest of the airframe. Some folks find one way easier than the other so the choice is yours.

These are no inexpensive, but a painted set of markings doesn't silver and often looks a lot better than a decal.

December 2017

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