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Scott Van Aken

Here is a look at another nice Montex sheet. This one is designed for the Tamiya 1/32 kit for the P-51D Mustang. The set provides markings for two aircraft, one of them being particularly colorful. Though it is for the Tamiya kit, I see no reason why this set might not be useful for other 1/32 Mustangs from Dragon and Hasegawa to name a couple. Perhaps the only issues would be with the Invasion Stripes.

First up is 'Gile VI' the aircraft of Captain Chester Harker. This is in the markings of the 486 FS/352 FG in Belgium during the last month of the war. Dark Blue nose with a Yellow rudder.

The second option is a tad more flamboyant, thanks to the full underside Invasion stripes and the usual Mustang ID stripes which were not present on the first option. The plane is 'Skyczar' of Capt. Fred Mundar when assigned to the 381 FS/363 FG in August of 1944. The nose and spinner are red with the upper surface of the plane's fuselage being Olive Drab. Unusually, this OD extents back to the rear of the fuselage.

As usual, Montex provides the insignia, codes and stripes as masks. These are quite easy to use and should make applying stripes, for instance, much less of a chore. I've shown a scan of the mask sheet as the masks themselves will simply look like a solid color. Note that you are provided masks for both the inside and the outside of the canopy, a nice touch. Full color instructions come with the sheet. You will need to use the cover artwork for placement of the left side markings.

It is a superbly done set and if you have never tried painting on your markings, you'll see that the extra effort is very much worth it.  These masks are available in other scales as well so check with the link for more info.

January 2014

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