ModelDecal #16

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Scott Van Aken

Many of us were saddened by the demise of Modeldecal (or at least that they stopped printing new sheets). Where else could one find a goodly selection of subjects and photos of the aircraft in question as well. No worries over not having the correct color information either as these sheets were well ahead of their time in terms of having all the info needed to do a superb replica. Probably the only downside is that the decals are/were a bit thick and generally had to have excess clear carrier film removed. They are also not quite as crisply done as today's decals, but I never had any problem with them sticking and they last a very long time.

This sheet is a tad unusual in that it covers US aircraft. Usually Modeldecal stayed away from US subjects as they were well covered by Microscale and others. However, this sheet is full of aircraft that served in Vietnam, and it isn't a sheet full of F-4s and F-105s.

First up on this 1972 sheet is an early F-4E from the 34 TFS/388 TFW based at Korat. You have markings to do either 'Here comes the Judge' or 'Wrecking Crew'.

Next up is an OV-10 from HML-267 at Camp Pendleton in Field Green over Light Gull Grey.

The entire upper wing surface is in Light Gull Grey. This is followed by an O-2 'Gentle Jan' in overall matte Black.

The final scheme is an AC-47 from the 432 TRW.

It is interesting to note on these old sheets what was recommended for kits. For instance, all four aircraft have Airfix kits recommended. Since Airfix didn't do an F-4E at that time, considerable modification to their existing F-4J would have to be done. It may well be the same for the AC-47 as I'm not sure just when Airfix released their gunship version, but it may have been after this sheet came out. Fortunately, Modeldecal provides a typical installation drawing for the miniguns.

To my understanding, Modeldecals are still relatively available. Not sure just which sheets are still around, but I believe, Hannants in the UK is handling them. Even when the subjects are used from the sheets, the info sheets make for a great addition to one's reference library!

Review sheet courtesy of me and my decal library.

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