Model Maker Decals D48139: Eurofighter Typhoon

Units: 142 Squadron/14 Wing Tiger Meet 2018


$15.00 or so


Scott Van Aken

Spain is one of several nations that not only operates the Typhoon but is also involved in its construction. Formerly the Spanish Air Force was heavily dependent on the US for its military aircraft, but over the years has been buying closer to home.

This particular sheet from Model Maker Decals is the first I have seen from this company. What one is provided with are two separate sheets. One is unique to this particular markings option and has all the various markings for the fin and canards. The other is a generic Spanish Air Force Typhoon sheet that provides all the stencils as well as the codes and badges for the units that operate the type. This means that you could do a standard line bird using this sheet if you wanted, but then what would be the purpose of getting the special markings? In terms of kits, to my knowledge, only Revell offers this kit in this scale.

The instructions offer only markings placement information and nothing else. No color info, which seems to be a major omission. The decals themselves are superbly printed and I expect them to work very well.

In all, it makes for an excellent set of decals for not only an interesting model, but also one by a nation that is rarely represented in decals.

October 2021

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Thanks to me for picking this one up. 

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