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 Maestro Decals 72003 for 
Swedish Hunter, P-51, & Do-24




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Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Maestro Decals is a name that I have not heard before, however their decals are made by Decafix so that is a positive note. What one gets is a small zip lock bag with three small sheets and two greyscale instruction sheets with info written on both sides. 

The decals appear to be spot on in registration and include insignia and numbers for all the subjects. The Hunter and P-51s also include a full stencil suite.

So what are the subjects?  The first one is a P-51 Mustang. The instructions are most complete for this aircraft and cover both sides of one of the two instruction sheets. There are enough decals to do one of four aircraft. From 16 wing you can do Red F, Blue J, or Red C. The fourth subject is from 4 wing and is Yellow J. All aircraft are natural metal/painted aluminum, I guess, as no where on the sheet is the color of the plane itself mentioned. However, all the other minutiae regarding colors and decal placement of the four aircraft are very well covered, allowing for a very nice 1/72 Mustang to be made.

Next is Hunter Mk 50. This is basically an F.4 and so does not have the dogtooth wing. Information on this aircraft is not as complete as the Mustang, though the decal placement is equally comprehensive. Apparently one can do one of three aircraft. One is Blue D from 18 wing in the markings of the 'Acro Hunters' display team. It is in Green upper with Blue Grey lower camouflage. The other is White 52 from 10 wing, this one with a blue nose and blue tail tip. Camouflage is the same on all aircraft. The third set of markings is not  shown on the sheet, but, by powers of deduction, it is Red G from 9 wing. 

Finally, the last subject is a Do-24. Instructions and decals are very simple on this on. It is Yellow 90 of 2 wing. No color information is given, only the placement of roundels and numbers. There are no stencils for the Do-24

All in all a very interesting sheet. There are easily available models for all three subjects. Probably first choice for each is Hasegawa for the P-51D, Airfix for the Hunter and Italeri for the Do-24. I know there is a better Hunter, but it is a rather expensive resin kit, so for most, Airfix (modified) will be the choice.

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