Max Decals 4821; Irish Air Corps 1922-1956
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Scott Van Aken


Moving on to 1/48 scale, Max Decals has taken many of the 1/72 offerings and put it on this sheet. There are 11 different aircraft offerings, some with more than one markings option. It covers a wide variety of types from the inception of the Irish Air Corps, though WWII and into the early 1950s. Thanks to some new kit releases and some short run stuff, there is at least one kit available for each of the markings options provided. As you might guess, the cover sheet does not show all of what you can build from this one, so I'll get right into listing what is there.

From the 1920s there is a Martinsyde Buzzard from 1922 in overall PC.10 with an overall silver options as well. Also in PC 10 is an Avro 504K from 1922. This color is used on a Bristol F.2B while silver is used on a later Brisft and a DH.60 Cirrus Moth

Getting closer to WWII is a Walrus I in both silver and a later camouflaged scheme. Same goes with a Gladiator though this one has a green fuselage. The Lysander on the sheet is both in camo and overall silver as it was painted post war. 

Post war there is a Hurricane II and the Seafire in a pale green. This green shade is somewhat elusive, but there are several possible options provided in the instruction.

Even later there is a Chipmunk and a Vampire T.55, both in silver with the Vampire having daglo bits. For a bonus, there are markings for a 1/32 Puma

The two sheets of decals are superbly printed and the second sheet offers a variety of roundels and wing stripes as well as some rudder stripe markings. On this second sheet are the Puma markings; these being sized for the Revell/Matchbox 1/32 sheet.

A truly great sheet with a little bit of everything on it. You should be able to find several neat schemes to add to your collection.

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