Max Decals 4820: Irish Air Corps selection 1990-2010

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Scott Van Aken


It has been over three years since I've had the pleasure of reviewing a Max Decals sheet and this one is particularly nice. In 1/48 scale, it includes markings options for six aircraft with most of them having multiple code choices.

Included in this set are the Sa365Fi Dauphin, for which the Trumpeter kit and Fireball Modelworks upgrade are appropriate.

Next is the long serving Alouette III for which you can use the Fujimi 1/50 scale kit.

The third option is the SA 342 Gazelle which is also boxed by Fujimi.

The Reims Cessna FR 172 is next and this is available as either the Minicraft or the older ESCI or Modelcraft kits.

For the SIAI-Marchetti SF. 260W, there is a very nice Planet Models resin kit.

Finally, the Pilatus PC-9, and there is a kit of this coming out from AZ models that will fill the bill.

Each aircraft has full color information provided in the instructions as well as the different serials and, where appropriate, names. The instructions also show where any stencils are applied and are really quite well done. As a bonus, there are Irish Army vehicle badges provided in 1/35 scale covering eight different units.

I have used Max Decals on several projects and they are well worth it. In all, a super sheet for some interesting aircraft and one that is superbly printed as well.

You can get yours direct from Thanks for the preview set and I hope it isn't three years until the next one!

November 2010

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