Max Decals 4814: Irish Air Corps Selection

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Scott Van Aken


It seems as if it has been years since I've seen a new sheet from Max Decals and this one is a pleasant surprise.

The sheet contains markings for one of three different Avro Anson Is. One is an early version with a mid green fuselage and engine nacelles with silver flying surfaces and cowling. Two others are later versions in dark earth/dark green over black. These latter two have different markings. #41 has the roundel on the upper wings and fuselage with the fuselage roundel in a white square. The other two Ansons have just wing bands while the early plane has a tricolor rudder. The kit for this is the recently issued Classic Airframes kit.

For the anticipated DH.9 by Roden, there are two aircraft that differ only in detail. 'D II' has a red nose and wood doped struts, while #7 has black struts.

As a bonus, there are markings in 1/72 and 1/32 for an Irish Air Corps EC-135 helicopter. #270 is in an overal dark green (RAL 6031) and has a small radome and rescue hoist. It also carries cable cutters. The Revell kit is recommended for this one.

Overall, an excellent sheet that is superbly printed and quite thin. Apparently IAC stripes were standard in size so these can be used on other 1/48 aircraft of the period.

April 2007

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