Max Decals 4809 Beaver pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


This is the second sheet on the DHC-2 Beaver from Max Decals in 1/48. This particular sheet still has some polar aircraft, but concentrates more on US military Beavers, specifically the USN and USAF.

First are several schemes used by the US Navy Test Pilot's school. The schemes run from 1966 to the mid-1980s and are all for the same aircraft, 151090. The aircraft started in overall natural metal and later was painted light gull grey with daglo patches. In its final scheme the daglo was replace with International orange.

Next are some Beavers from the Argentine Air Force and Navy. The upper two on the instructions are from the Air Force and the lower from the Navy. All are gloss red with natural metal skis.

Finally three different USAF L-20/U-6s from the late 50's and early 60's. The upper one is from Goodfellow AFB in Texas circa 1964 and is in overall natural metal. Next is a natural metal 78 FBS hack from Woodbridge AFB in England around 1957. Finally, another natural metal Beaver from the Alaska air command. This on has a black underside, white roof and large areas of daglo red on the tail and wings, making for a most colorful aircraft.

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