Max Decals 4808 Beaver pt 1

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Scott Van Aken


Max Decals is on a mission. That mission is to provide us with interesting decals for kits that are really in need of some. Along the way, he's also providing a variety of polar exploration aircraft. This is a good choice as polar schemes are generally quite colorful and bright.

Max Decal's choice for this next series of sheets follows on the very nicely done series on the DHC-3 Otter that was reviewed a bit back. Check the Decal Review pages for those. Your choice of kit in 1/48 is, well, Hobbycraft. They are the only ones who have done the Beaver in this scale and while it is a bit sparse on detail, it is a very good basis for those who like to add stuff to kits. It is available in two boxings. One with skis and one with floats.

This particular sheet contains markings for four aircraft.

First is a nice orange Aussie Beaver from the 1956-57 period. This one has a nice cheat line and rather unusual fuselage insignia.

The next plane is also Aussie from 1962. This one is shown on floats.

Next is a Kiwi Beaver from the 1957-58 season. This one is in red-orange and also has a nice cheat line.

Finally, a Chilean Beaver on float from the 1961 season in natural metal with dayglo orange bits, which should really stand out!

Review sheet courtesy of Max Decals. To see color versions of the sheet instructions, please visit them at You can also order sheets if they are unavailable at your local hobby shop.

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