Max Decals 48-06; Aer Lingus DC-3

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Scott Van Aken

One can always count on Max Decals for producing interesting decal schemes for us. This time, he has continued the Aer Lingus theme by producing a sheet for either of the Monogram 1/48 C-47/DC-3 boxings. The sheet does one of two basically very similar aircraft. I've swiped the image from Max Decal's web site to show you that they offer color renditions of all the markings shown on the instruction sheet.

As you can see from the sheet itself, it is a breeze to apply once you have painted the aircraft. The large white cheat line is part of the sheet so there is no worry in having to mask this area on the model itself. To use the alternate scheme, you will have to cut and paste the proper registration markings, but other than that, it should be a painless process.

Review sheet courtesy of Max Decals. To see color versions of the sheet instructions, please visit them at You can also order sheets if they are unavailable at your local hobby shop.

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