Max Decals 4406 Maersk Airlines

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Scott Van Aken


Here is a really cool decal sheet from Max Decals. This one is for aircraft of Maersk Airlines. For those of you not savvy on airlines, Maersk is one of the largest shipping lines in the world and they decided to expand into the airline business. As such, they are involved in regularly scheduled airlines, charter service and aircraft leasing. They are also Denmark's largest airlines. For those of you who like airliners, I can highly recommend Xtracolor paints from Hannants in the UK. They offer a range of airliner colors that makes paint matching quite easy. For these schemes, you'll need Boeing 707 light grey (X301) and Maersk Blue (X360).

The sheet includes markings for a Boeing 720B, 737-200/300/500/800 and the Canadair CRJ-200. There are kits for all of these aircraft though you will have to do some converting (in this case removing fuselage sections) to duplicate the 737-500/700.

The decals are superbly printed and offer cheat lines, logos, and door markings to make any two of the 737s as well as the 720 and CRJ-200. A selection of cabin windows is also provided. For cockpit window decals, there are a number of other manufacturers who can help with those. A full list of kits that can be used is listed, though some may not be that easy to obtain here in the US. Many of them can be mail ordered from non-US shops. A full range of registration letters is also supplied so that you can model many of the aircraft in the Maersk fleet.

Review sheet courtesy of Max Decals.  You can also order sheets direct if they are unavailable at your local hobby shop.

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