Max Decals 4824: International Turboporters


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Scott Van Aken


For the Roden kit


I would have thought that we'd have seen a PC-6 sheet before now, but the wait has been well worth it. Max Decals has provided an excellent set of markings for the Roden 1/48 kit. Because there are aircraft with different sized fin fillets, kit #449 is the recommended boxing for this one.

There are six aircraft on this sheet, all of them interesting and some very colorful. I'll use the decal cover sheet as a guide as to what's available.

First one up is a Swiss version that is apparently still in service. V-633 is painted in Dark Green and Khaki Green, two colors that look very close in photos. Underside in a light grey.

Next is a Dubai version with an exceptionally large fin fillet from 1990. This one is painted in Light Sand and a Reddish Brown with a grey underside. The wing tips on this are painted orange.

The third option is the first of two planes from Iran. The first is in a camouflage scheme of Light Sand, Brown and Dark Green with a Light Grey underside from 1983. Apparently the Light Sand faded to near white on the upper surfaces if you are into faded paint.

The second Iranian version is in a civil scheme of White with the Light Grey lower fuselage. The trim is green and this one is from 2012.

A Japanese version from 1992 is painted in a bright red. This aircraft was part of a Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Since the aircraft is already red, the insignia for it are simply white circles. I should mention that the white markings for this and the next option have been double printed to increase its opacity.

Finally an Austrian aircraft from 2004. This one is painted overall gloss Bright Blue with white trim. The wing tips on this one are white as well.

March 2014.

Review copy courtesy of Max Decals where you can get yours direct. Thanks for your support

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