Model Alliance MAS489006: RNZAF 50th Anniversary Skyhawk

Units: 2 Squadron



Scott Van Aken

In 1987, the RNZAF celebrated 50 years of existence and in recognition of that feat, painted one of its TA-4K Skyhawks from 2 Squadron with a very fetching special scheme. It is an overall gold color with striking red, white and blue striping. Now obviously Model Alliance knows something we don't (or is being optimistic) as the suggested kit in 1/48 is the still unannounced Hasegawa 1/48 kit. Your reviewer would be thrilled to hear the official announcement of this kit as it would give him the opportunity to toss the Fujimi 1/50 version he has that is partially built (and has been in this state for about 7 years).

Regardless, the sheet is superbly printed and razor sharp. Instructions are excellent giving full interior and exterior color info as well as some small images of the real aircraft. Color information is supplied in FS 595 as well shades from a half dozen popular paint lines. This sheet is also available in 1/72 from the link below.

Review sample courtesy of Jon Freeman. This sheet can be found at and at quality hobby shops worldwide.

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