Model Alliance MA-72172: TSR2 - BAC Eagle

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Scott Van Aken

Many nations have aircraft that were killed thanks to politics. This always leaves enthusiasts wondering just what might have been. One of those is the TSR.2, a type beloved by Brits and an aircraft that would have probably been a world-beater had it actually gone into service.

It is not often that a decal company will put resources into what is a 'whiffer' subject like this, but Model Alliance has decided that the demand is there and so have offered a sheet full of possibilities. The serials that you see being offered are those that would have gone to the first production batch of TSR.2s, were not assigned, or would have been used by the F-111K, another plane that was never built.

This particular sheet contains 16 options and covers a variety of schemes. Model Alliance decals have changed to a booklet style of instructions that are superbly printed and provide a separate page for each marking option. This allows everything to be in one place and also allows for some additional images to assist in placement. It also means that showing profiles of each option in a review is not possible so my apologies in advance.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf. This company seems to be the de facto printer of choice for a lot of aftermarket companies and kit manufacturers. Can't blame them as the work is first rate. The sheets contain serials for all and it looks like there are enough insignia to do two aircraft as well as data markings for one. Additional insignia are available if one wants to do them all. So what is on the sheet?

Well let me just list them. A&AEE, 237 OCU, E ODU, 9 Sq, 45 Sq, 40 Sq, 32 Sq, 6 Sq, 81 Sq (2 options), 14 Sq, 3 Sq, 617 Sq, 12 Sq, 13 Sq and 58 Sq. A complete data placement guide is also provided. Most schemes are Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey over Light Aircraft Grey as would have been the norm in the 60s and early 1970s.

The instruction booklet includes a list of available kits and conversion sets. This decal set is also available in 1/48 for those so inclined. The most available kit in both scales is the Airfix version.

April 2009

Review sheet courtesy of The Aviation Workshop

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