Model Alliance MA48130: RAF/RN Twin Stick Trainers

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$18 by the time it got to me.


Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their fine sheets on British subjects, this one is on RAF and RN twin stick trainers. This basically means the Harrier, Jaguar and Tucano on this sheet.

The sheet allows you to build 8 complete aircraft.

There are two Jaguar T.2As in Dark Sea Grey over Camouflage Grey from 16 Sq and 54 Sq from the 2003/2004 time frame.

Two Harrier T.10s in the same colors as the Jaguars with one from 20 Sq in 2004 and the other from 4 Sq in 2002.

A Harrier T.4 in overall gloss black from 899 Sq circa 2003.

There are three gloss black Tucanos with one from 207 Sq and two from 72 Sq. One of the 72 Sq aircraft has yellow wing and tail plane markings. These are all from 2005

Finally, a Roundel Blue Tucano from the Central Flying School Display team circa 1994-95.

The decals are well printed and I did not notice any registration issues.

For kits in this scale there are a few issues. Until now, only a couple of resin Tucanos have been done and availability is unknown. Kitty Hawk just released a two seat Jag. For the Harriers, you'll have to hunt up a conversion set. I'm sure ones have been done and I have one by a company whose name escapes me for the T.4. I would hope that Airfix would get on the stick and produce the Tucano in 1/48. I know it will sell in the UK and many of us outside the islands would pick one up as well. Overall, a very nice set of options for what are models that one rarely sees at various events.

June 2014

Review sample courtesy of me. Available at Hannants.

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