LSP 1/32  P-47D Thunderbolt

Unit: 56 FG


$15.00 plus shipping from  LSP


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Nose art decals are ALPS printed.

One just doesn't see too many 1/32 Thunderbolt decals, and that is probably because there isn't a well-done, reasonably priced kit around. The only two I can think of are the ancient Revell kit and a new one that is nicely done but pricey by Rutmann.

Large Scale Planes has added a very nice sheet to its short list of decals for those who like their models large. This sheet covers four 56 FG Thunderbolts. It provides only the unique markings; things like insignia and data decals (for the most part) will have to come from the kit or another source.

The four subjects are all rather well known and consist of three bubble-tops and a razorback.

First up is Dave Schilling's 'Hairless Joe', a P-47D-25 he flew when the 56 FG C.O. It is in RAF colors of Dark Green and Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with a red nose and yellow rudder. It has Invasion Stripes on the lower fuselage, as do all the bubble-tops on this sheet.


Next is Fred Christiansen's 'Miss Fire/Rozzie Geth II' with the 62nd FS. It is in natural metal with the same cowling and rudder color as Dave Schilling's above.

Francis Gabreski's un-named aircraft is the same model as Shilling and Christiansen's; a D-25 (that means a Hamilton Standard Prop, if I'm not mistaken). It is in the same RAF colors as Schillings and has a red rudder as is appropriate for the 61st FS, for which he was the CO.

Finally, the lone razorback, a D-21 variant, Robert Johnson's 'Penrod and Sam'. It is in bare metal with a yellow rudder as was the norm with the 62nd FS.

The ALPS printed nose art is well done, especially the Hairless Joe cartoon. If you have a big Jug that is in need of some makeup, then this sheet would be perfect.

This sheet courtesy of Large Scale Planes. Thanks for your support

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