LPS Hobby LPM72-10: P-51K (British Camo Mustangs)
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Scott Van Aken

Here is another sheet of British Mustangs, though it would be more accurate to say Commonwealth Mustangs. All of these are painted in the standard European scheme found on almost all RAF fighters and while there are exceptions, those will be noted. Once again, these are Dallas-built P-51K and there were differences between this version and the P-51D. The biggest was the use of an Aeroproducts propeller. This prop did not provide quite the performance of the D model's cuffed Hamilton Standard, which is why many P-51Ks were provided for lend-lease, used in the CBI or back in the US for training.

Note that all have the 'Dallas Hood' canopy and all have the louvered lower cowling plate instead of the usual one with just holes in it.

First up is Y2*B from 422 Squadron RCAF in the last month of the war. This one has yellow on the prop, anti-glare panel and canopy surround. It also has the Sky band around the rear fuselage. It also has the yellow wing leading edges.

Next is GL*N from 5 Squadron SAAF based in Italy during January 1945. This one is named 'Sweetpea' and has a red spinner and white fin tip. THe Sky fuselage band has been over-painted in fresh grey. Note that the insignia does not have orange replacing the red as seen on earlier aircraft.

Finally, CV*A of 3 Squadron RAAF based in Italy during April of 1945. Note that this one has a different design to the camouflage scheme than the previous aircraft. Spinner is sky and the rudder is blue.

The recommended kit is the Tamiya version, for which the decals are sized. I am not sure if this kit includes the Aeroproducts prop or not, but one will be needed. The decals are superbly printed by Microscale. Full color instructions are provided and give you information on some of the little differences between the planes where appropriate. There are enough common markings to do one aircraft, but you can easily find roundels and fin flashes from Modeldecal or other sources.

April 2013

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