LPS Hobby LPM72-08: P-47D (SEAC)
Units: 134 & 135 Squadron




Scott Van Aken

Pretty much all warfighting British Thunderbolts were sent to the CBI, specifically India to replace Hurricanes and Mohawks in the Burma campaign. All of them were camouflaged in Dark Green and Dark Earth over Medium Sea Grey. They had white forward cowlings and white bands around the wings, tailplanes and the fin/rudder. Their time in action was such that they were basically used for ground attack and I do not think any got air to air kills as the Japanese Air Force in Burma was pretty well decimated by that time.

The sheet contains markings for three aircraft all marked in a similar fashion with the small SEAC roundels and the two shade blue fin flash. The two razorback P-47s have Hamilton Standard props while the bubbletop has a Curtiss-Electric version.

The first option is aircraft A of 135 Squadron based in Chittagong, India from May 1944 to June 1945.

Next is another 135 Squadron plane, aircraft WK*L also at Chittagong from October 1944 to May 1945.

The sole bubbletop is with 134 Squadron and coded GQ*N. It operated in Burma proper from late 1944 until the end of the war.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and the sheet contains complete marking and painting instructions. There are enough common markings for one aircraft. For those wanting to do more, Modeldecal sells or sold a sheet of SEAC roundels and fin flashes.

April 2013

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