LPS Hobby 72-05: P-47D - 8th AF Thunderbolts
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Scott Van Aken


Moving on with their second Thunderbolt sheet, LPS Hobby in Brazil has another great offering of 8th Air Force aircraft. All of these are camouflaged and there is a neat mix of types. This set is designed for the Tamiya 1/72 P-47D and offers three markings options along with a full set of stencils.

The stencils are accompanied by a full size placement sheet that shows exactly where these are placed. There is also an excellent placement and painting guide for the three options. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale so no worries on decal solutions.

First up is a green nosed P-47-5RE with the 369th FS/359th FG. This was based in England during June of 1944 and carries crudely overpainted invasion stripes on the underside. It is in OD/Neutral Grey with an unpainted sliding canopy section. White bands on stabs and fin.

Next is a war weary rescue aircraft with the 5th ERS at Boxted, England in June 1944. This rather colorful plane has full invasion stripes as well as yellow bands on the flight surfaces. Yellow wing tips and the striking red, white and blue cowling add even more color. Again, the sliding canopy section is unpainted.

Finally a bubbletop with the 82 FS/78 FG in July of 1944. This one is painted in RAF colors of dark green over sky. Full lower wing invasion stripes with the horizontal stab white stripes outlined in black. White and black checkered nose cowling.

There are enough common markings and stencils to completely do one of the three options. You'll notice that the fuselage insignia are in sections to take care of the turbocharger waste gate doors. Of course, you can use kit decals to do the others should you so wish.

A nice addition to the LPS line.

September 2011

Thanks to LPS Hobby for the review sheet. You can find these at Hannants or contact them at lpsi1973@yahoo.com.br .

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