LPS Hobby 72-04: P-47D: Gabreski's Razorbacks
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Scott Van Aken


Moving away from the Luftwaffe for the next sheet from LPS Hobby in Brazil, we go into Jug territory. Specifically, three aircraft flown by American ace Francis Gabreski. This set is designed for the Tamiya 1/72 P-47D and offers three markings options along with a full set of stencils.

The stencils are accompanied by a full size placement sheet that shows exactly where these are placed. There is also an excellent placement and painting guide for the three options. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale so no worries on decal solutions.

Option one is in OD and Neutral Grey with the then-standard white nose band, white horizontal stabilizer band and white tail band. It is also adorned with the red surround insignia and carries them on both underside wings.

Next, with a red cowling and red rudder is his next P-47D. This has the huge under wing insignia and is also in OD and Neutral Grey.

Finally, an unpainted metal version with standard size wing insignia, but still with the red cowling and rudder. This aircraft has the Hamilton Standard prop.

There are enough common markings and stencils to completely do one of the three options, with enough insignia to do two. You'll notice that the fuselage insignia are in sections to take care of the turbocharger waste gate doors. Of course, you can use kit decals to do the others should you so wish.

A nice addition to the LPS line and the first of several P-47 sheets.

September 2011

Thanks to LPS Hobby for the review sheet. You can find these at Hannants or contact them at lpsi1973@yahoo.com.br .

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