LPS Hobby 72-17: RAF Aluminum Thunderbolts
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Scott Van Aken


For their third new Tbolt sheet, we have this nice one on bare metal aircraft with the RAF. These are planes that seved either in India/Burma or at the OTU in Egypt. All have OD anti-glare panels forward and aft of the cockpit. LPS suggests the Tamiya kit for this one as that is what the sheet is sized for. However, there are also a very nice kit by Hasegawa that could be used for some of these schemes and I'm sure there are others. The dark blue wing and tailplane stripes will need to be painted on as will the forward cowling. Note that the tailplane ones do not cover the elevators or rudder.

The first option is Squadron Leader MM Soutter's plane in 1945 when 42 Squadron was based at Melktila in Burma. His plane has white codes on a black square.

Next is an 81 Squadron plane when based at Kamajoran on Java in 1946. This one has the fin fillet not used by the other options.

Finally, a 73 OTU plane flow by Squadron Leader DH Clarke in 1946. This one has a Sky fuselage band which will need to be painted by the modeler. 

We don't get a lot of RAF Thunderbolt sheets so this one is a most welcome addition. There are enough data markings for one plane and insignia for two if you chose the OTU bird as one of your builds. The instructions are in full color and provide additional information on each plane. The decals themselves are produced by Microscale so are viable with just about any setting solution.

May 2014

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