LPS Hobby 72-16: Malcolm Hood Thunderbolts
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Scott Van Aken


LPS Hobby shifts gears just a bit for their next P-47D sheet. This one concentrates on those early Thunderbolts that used the British Malcolm Hood. This canopy provided a bit more clear vision than the standard framed version, though it doesn't seem to have been used as much on these planes as it was on Mustangs. All of the various cowlings and stripes will need to be painted. Camouflaged planes are in olive drab and neutral grey. These are all later 'razorback' P-47s and so carry wing pylons.

First up is Ronald Upp's 'Zombie'. This plane was with the 361 FS/356 FG in November of 1944. It still has the fin stripe, but the stab stripes have been overpainted with fresh olive drab while the lower fuselage and wing invasion stripes have been lightly overpainted with neutral grey, allowing the black and white stripes to show somewhat. The clear bit frames are in unpainted aluminum.

Next is 'Turtle No.9' of Charles Dooney in the winter of 1944/45. This 509 FS/405 FG plane has a lot of red trim including the cowling, canopy frames, rudder trim tab and the tailplane stripes. has this one on early P-47D or 'razorback' planes.

The third option is with the 511 FS/405 FG in Italy during the winter of 1944/45. This was flown by Walter Gabrowski and has a lot of yellow trim. This includes the forward cowling, alternate cowl flaps, canopy fram and the exhaust cover. The tailplane bands have been overpainted with fresh olive drab.

 There are enough data markings and insignia for one plane. Recommended kit is by Tamiya and I'm assuming it comes with the Malcolm Hood or you'll have to go to aftermarket for it. If that is the case, then you can also used the Hasegawa and other kits.  The instructions are in full color and provide additional information on each plane. A separate data placement sheet is also included. The decals themselves are produced by Microscale so are viable with just about any setting solution.

May 2014

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