LPS Hobby 72-15: 8th AF Thunderbolts Part 2
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Scott Van Aken


For their first new Thunderbolt sheet, LPS Hobby has this one on early P-47D or 'razorback' planes. The suggested kit for this sheet is the Tamiya kit, but the Hasegawa and perhaps others should work equally as well. All three options are in olive drab over neutral grey and any cowling or rudder colors will need to be painted on. Same goes for the tail stripes.

The first option is Michael Quirk's P-47D-11 from March 1944. This plane was with the 61 FS/56 FG and has had the tail stripes painted over with fresh olive drab. It carries the additional large under wing insignia used by many P-47s. This plane also has 'short' fuselage insignia.

Next is 'Isabel' as flown by Charles Kappler in the summer of 1944. This plane was with the 375 FS/361 FG and has a rather impressive mission tally on the nose.

The final plane is with the 334 FS/4 FG. This was flown by Winslow Sobanski during the summer of 1944 and was named 'Mike IV'. This one also has the additional insignia under the wings. None of these planes are shown with wing pylons, and they all seem to have Curtiss-Electric props.

 There are enough data markings for one plane and insignia for two. The instructions are in full color and provide additional information on each plane. A separate data placement sheet is also included. The decals themselves are produced by Microscale so are viable with just about any setting solution.

May 2014

Thanks to LPS Hobby for the review sheet. You can find these at www.lpshobby.com.

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