LPS Hobby 72-14: 8th Air Force Mustangs
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Scott Van Aken


For this sheet, LPS Hobby moves to the realier P-51B Mustang. For kits, there are several, but these are sized for the Academy kit. The instructions state NOT to get kit #1616. All of these are in overall unpainted metal, though there are sections of them in OD. All have full invasion stripes on the lower wings and lower fuselage. These will need to be painted on by the builder as will the various yellow bits.

FIrst up is 'The Iowa Bandit' as flow by Robert Hulderman. This plane was with the 354 FS/355 FG and has a white nose and yellow trim tab. It also has a Malcolm Hood with a whip radio antenna. The upper surface of the fuselage, stabilizers and wings are in Olive Drab. The upper surface areas have white bands while the undersurfaces have black.

Next is 'Bald Eagle' with the 374FS/371 FG in mid 1944. This one was flown by Robert Eckfeldt and has a yellow nose, wing tips and rudder trim tab. While the trim tab has a decal with its blue bands, this is not the case with the wing tip and one must paint the tip before applying the band decals. The plane has the upper fuselage and the wings out to the insignia painted in Olive Drab.

The third option is 'Queen Jean' flown by William Shackleford. This aircraft was with the 375 FS/361 FG in the fall of 1944. It also has the upper surface of the fuselage painted OD, bjut just the are behind the cockpit. It has a Malcolm hood and blue wingtips. The air intake piece is painted red. For some reason, the sheet has two sets of fin badges.  

Some of these options have been on sheets before, but those portrayed here take care of inaccuracies in the older sheets. The instructions are in full color and provide additional information on each plane. The decals themselves are produced by Microscale so are viable with just about any setting solution.

May 2014

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