LPS Hobby 72-13: USAAF Camouflaged P-51D Part 2
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Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet of camouflaged P-51Ds from LPS Hobby in Brazil. This sheet for camouflaged Mustangs and two of them are from the 357 FS with their yellow and red checkered nose. The third is from the 4th FG. They are OD over Neutral Grey, though, like the previous sheet, the instructions do state that these planes were delivered in unpainted metal so they could be British paints.

The sheet contains enough insignia and data markings for one of the three options. However, you could use the kit decals to do others. This sheet is designed for the Tamiya 1/72 P-51D, but you may well be able to use others. All the various stripes on the wings or fuselage will need to be painted as will the red on the spinner.

First option is 'Tangerine'', with the 364 FS in the fall of 1944. It was flown by Henry Pfeiffer and is the only plane on the sheet with lower fuselage invasion stripes.

The second option is 'Master Mike' flown by Joseph Broadhead. This aircraft is from January 1945 and with the 362nd FS. It has a goodly number of mission marks on the nose.

Finally, we have an unnamed plane flown by Howard Hively with the 334 FS, 4 FG. This one has all the upper wing white bands overpainted with fresh OD. THe underside of this one is unpainted metal and still has the black bands. Nose and rudder is in red.

Some of these options have been on sheets before, but those portrayed here take care of inaccuracies in the older sheets. The instructions are in full color and provide additional information on each plane. The decals themselves are produced by Microscale so are viable with just about any setting solution. As a final note, I have darkened the sheet so that the white bits are more easily seen.

May 2014

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