Lift Here Decals LH-119 Special: IL-14 & C-47

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Scott Van Aken

There are times when one has to look afar for something interesting to use on a model kit. In this case, I was looking for an alternative scheme to use on the A-model 1/144 IL-14 kit recently previewed. I ran across a few other airline liveries, but when I came upon this sheet, I knew I could kill two kits with one stone (to paraphrase things).

The sheet by Lift Here is made in Serbia, which is pretty much what is left of the former Yugoslavia, and they have a wide variety of Yugoslav subjects. Since the Yugoslavs were relatively non-aligned after Tito took over, they purchased equipment from both Soviet and western manufacturers. So finding a sheet with both a C-47 and an IL-14 on it should come as little surprise.

There is no kit specified for either option, but one has little choice regarding the IL-14. Until recently, that was true about the C-47 as well with the Minicraft kit being it. Now we have the Roden version, which is really a better kit in terms of shape as Minicraft just didn't get the tail section right. However, the Minicraft kit is molded as a DC-3 without the cargo door and that is what you want for this sheet.

The C-47 has been converted to a standard passenger configuration, hence the rather gaudy paint scheme. The decal sheet also provided decals for all the cabin and cockpit windows. Since the Minicraft kit has a smooth fuselage, this kit is perfect for this nicely done sheet. This aircraft is overall white with red wing and stabilizer tips so perfect for those who aren't comfortable with metal schemes.

The same in regard to windows on the IL-14 is true. This was Tito's personal transport and also has decals for the windows on the fuselage and cockpit. The aircraft is unpainted metal with a white upper fuselage and fin. The long upper fuselage antennas (not shown on the cover) are in red. All the clear bits will have to be filled in to use the sheet as is.

The decals are very nicely printed and include the yellow fuselage bands on the C-47, though the black area will need to be painted A full color markings placement and painting guide is included.

Considering the relatively small size of the sheet and the cost of getting it into one's hands in the US, it probably won't be a huge seller here, but it is nice to know the options are available.

August 2014

Thanks to me for picking this one up.

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