Lifelike 48-055: Mitsubishi A5M Part 3
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Scott Van Aken

For the third LifeLike decal set on the Mitsubishi A5M, we once again have thirteen options. As with the previous sheets, the majority are in natural metal with red tails. Also, unless noted, they are the A5M4 variant. Manyof the options have presentation markings on the fuselage and in a few cases, under the wings as well. These show that the money for the aircraft was provided by a certain person or groups of people.

The initial offering is an A5M2b with the 12th Kokutai at KongDa in China during 1938. It is in the green/brown camouflage scheme with grey undersides.

Next is a later A5M2b with the 15th Kokutai at Jjujiang, China in late 1938.

Option three has nice red fuselage bands and large underwing markings. It is from the Soryu Fighter Group in late 1939.

Also with the Soryu Fighter Group is W-102 during the same time period.

Number 5 is the same tail number as the previous option but is another plane.

W-114 is another Soryu Fighter Group plane from late 1938, operating in the South China Sea.

Next is another Soryu Fighter Group plane from early 1941

Option 8, again with the Soryu Fighter Group, was based at Kasanohara in early 1941. Note that this and the previous two planes have large fuselage bands.

Moving to the 14th Kokutai is this plane based at Kaikou, China in mid 1939.

Scheme 10 is another 14th Kokutai plane from Kaikou in 1938.

The eleventh plane is with the Soryu Fighter Group at Sanya on Tainan in September 1940.

Next we have a plane with the Miho Kokutai operating from October 1943 to June 1945.

Finally a green and grey plane with the Kasumigaura Kokutail in the fall of 1943.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and the recommended kits for these options are by Fine Molds or Wingsy, both quite recent toolings. There are others, such as from Classic Airframes, but I think the recommended kits will be what most choose.

A most welcome sheet and one that I think you will find most interesting and useful.

April 2018

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