Lifelike 48-054: Mitsubishi A5M Part 2
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Scott Van Aken

This is the second of LifeLike's trilogy on the A5M and it covers thirteen different options. Most of the options are in natural metal with a red tail sections. Likewise, most of the options are the A5M4 variant as that was what saw the greatest production.

First up is the first of three A5M2bs, this one being attached to the 12th Kokutai at Anquing in China during late 1938kk.

Next is one from the 14th Kokutai, based at Sanzao Dao, which is just south of Macau in late 1938.

3-162 was with the 12th Kokutai, also at Anquing, China in August of 1938

The fourth option with the Soryu Fighter Group has large donation lettering under the wings.

Option 5 is another donation aircraft and with the 14th Kokutai at Haikou, China in December 1939.

Next up is another 14 Kokutai plane, this time at Nanning in 1940.

An aircraft of the Chitose Kokutai based on Roi Island in late 1941 is next.

S-153 is also of the Chitose Kokutai on Roi and has a broad blue band on the fuselage. A template is provided to allow the masked over areas to be done.

Option nine is a camouflage plane with the 14th Kokutai at Nanning, China in late 1939.

Tenth is a Hyakurihara Kokutai plane from the1940/41 time frame.

Then we have an aircraft of the Suzuka Kokutai, also in the 1940/41 time frame.

Number 12 is with the Genzan Kokutai based at Woosan, Korea during 1941.

Finally, one without a red tail from the Oita Kokutai in 1943.

As a note, when a listing is stated as being something like 'the Oita Kokutai', it means that was the base where it was stationed.

The decals are superbly done by Microscale and Life Like provides superb instructions. There is a lot more info on each option than the brief I have provided and each marking option is backed by a photo. A reference is provided on this as well.

April 2018

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