Lifelike 48-052: P-51 Mustang Part 6
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Scott Van Aken

Every new LifeLike decal set is a real treat and this one is no exception. This Mustang sheet covers Four very colorful and interesting aircraft.

Adding to the previous sheet on John Landers, we have a very fancy 78 FG plane. This one was flown by the group commander Roy Blair, hence the red surround to the spinner and rudder as well as the yellow canopy surround. This is a post war scheme from August 1945.

Next is one from April 1945, a time when USAAF fighters were the most flamboyant. This is John Crump's plane from the 360 FS/356 FG. Two slightly different options are provided.

Moving to the CBI we have a P-51B assigned to Burton Rodier of the 26 FS/51 FG. 'Jeanne III' has the sharkmouth carried by most of the unit's Mustangs. Even in 1944 the DF antenna was a must.

Finally, from the 375 FS/361FG is Detroit Miss as flown by Urban Drew. Yellow nose and blue fin with a bluecanopy surround and wing tips. This is an October 1944 scheme.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and the recommended kits for these options are by Tamiya. A full stencil suite and guide are provided. While I'm sure the markings will fit other 1/48 Mustangs, there may be some minor size differences with the more elaborate decals.

A most welcome sheet and one that I think you will find most interesting and useful.

August 2017

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