Lifelike 48-004(R): 244 Sentai part 2
Units: 244 Sentai




Scott Van Aken

Their second revised sheet includes some types other than the Ki-61. I did not realize they flew Ki-27s, but apparently so. These decals are superbly printed by Microscale so no issues with using them. Some parts of the plane will need to be painted, such as the red tails, the blue cowling front on the first option as well as the white fuselage bands and the red, or reddish orange ID stripes on the leading edges of the Ki-27s. There are markings for two planes and you get one set of ID markings for the Ki-61. Others can come from the kit decals or be painted.


Here are the pilots for the aircraft on the sheet:

1 is unknown

2 & 3 were flown by Kobayashi

4 is Suzuki

5 is unknown

6 & 7 is Nakana

8 is Itagaki

It is interesting that several of these pilots are corporals or sergeants. The recommended kits are from Hasegawa or Tamiya. The instruction sheets offer not only references, but other interesting information on each of these schemes.

February 2017

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