Lifelike 72-SP-01: B-25 'Desert Warrior'
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Scott Van Aken


Every new LifeLike decals had produced a nice, single plane set. During WWII, it was not unusual for bombers that had completed a full tour to be sent home with their crews to participate in War Bond tours. This is one aircraft that was chosen for such a tour.

The set is designed for the Airfix B-25C/D and you actually must use that particular kit. The reason being is that the Lifelike sheet does not include the insignia, or the white #19 or any of the stencils. These are all supplied in the kit.

The decals are very nicely printed and Lifelike has provided a full set of placement diagrams as well as a complete set of notes on this airplane. References for the various photos are also included.

A most welcome sheet and one that I think you will find most interesting and useful.

October 2018

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My thanks to Lifelike Decals for the review set. Check you local hobby shop for availability.

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