Lifelike 72-042: North American B-25 Mitchell Pt 4
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Scott Van Aken

This next new sheet from LifeLike Decals returns us to the Pacific with some more interesting options.

The first two options are in overall unpainted aluminum and will require a bit of modification in terms of removing all defensive weapons and covering turret openings to do properly. The Airfix kit is recommended for these.

First one is 'Chow Hound'. This aircraft used to be the famous 'Tondelayo', which fought a running battle for 75 minutes against up to 50 Zeros during a raid on Rabaul. With the introduction of the J model, the aircraft was converted into the 345th BG's 'fat cat' transport.

Upon the loss of 'Chow Hound' another B-25D was converted into a 'fat cat' transport and named 'Chow Hound Jr'. It was operated in the last months of the war.

The third aircraft is a B-25J named 'Male Call' with the 390 BS/42 BG based in New Guinea during 1945. For this and the next option, the Hasegawa kit is the one recommended.

Finally, a gun nose B-25J with the 17th RS/71st RG. 'My Buck' was based at Lingayen, Philippines during early/mid 1945. This plane does not have the fuselage gun packs.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and LifeLike does extensive research into each of the options that it presents. I know it has me looking through my stash for appropriate kits.

This is a great sheet and one thing I can tell you is the LifeLike sheets tend to sell out rather quickly

September 2019

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