Lifelike 72-040: North American B-25 Mitchell Pt 2
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Scott Van Aken

Every new LifeLike decal set is a real treat and this one is no exception. Long overdue for B-25 modelers is this first of several sheets covering this aircraft. This second offering covers my favorite B-25 unit the 345 BG. Perhaps it is due to my autographed copy of Lawrence Hickey's 'Warpath across the Pacific', but there is it. Like the first sheet in this series, there are five options, but one aircraft is shown in an early and late scheme. All of these planes are in OD over Neutral Grey.

The first option is a B-25D from the 500 BS/345 BG. 'Hell's Fire' was a full gun ship based at Nadzab, New Guinea in mid 1944. Note that this plane has no clear tail cone, but a metal replacement fairing. Red engine cowling fronts and white fuselage stripe.

Another Nadzab based plane is 'Mexican Spitfire', another D model B-25 (as are all the planes on this sheet). This 498 BS plane has yellow cowling fronts and a whie fuselage stripe. It is from April 1944.

The third option is 'Lucky Bat', a blue forward cowling plane from the 499th BS and shown at Port Morseby in July 1943. At this time it was not modded as a gunship. The fourth option is this same plane in January 1944 at Dobodura after the nose art had been changed and the plane provided with the gunship mod. It also has the tail cone mod and lower fin painted white.

The last option is 'Old Baldy' with the 498th BS with its yellow cowling fronts. This Nadzab based plane originally had the upper fin tip in white, but later the entire fin/rudder was painted white. Lifelike includes masks for the area of the serial number for this option. The aircraft had no clear tail cone with a plate covering the opening.

Lifelike's research is second to none and a lot of information on each plane is provided so be sure to read it. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale so will work with your standard setting solutions. When it comes to kits, the Airfix B-25C/D is recommended. I guess you could use the Italeri kit for the early Mitchell as well, but these are designed for the Airfix offering. As a note, Airfix does not include the side gun packs, but you can get those from Quickboost.

This is a great sheet and one thing I can tell you is the LifeLike sheets tend to sell out rather quickly

August 2019

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