Lifelike 48 SP-01: Hinomaru for Zero Fighters
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Scott Van Aken

A most welcome sheet for those who like to model the A6M Zero is this hinomaru sheet from Lifelike Decals. Apparently many kits of the A6M have insignia that are the wrong size and this sheet corrects those errors.

It provides a variety of styles and sizes including no surround, white surround and painted out surround. A comprehensive set of instructions provides information on exactly which size and style is used on which A6M variant. It also gives the proper placement of the hinomaru. Information for both Mitsubishi and Nakajima built aircraft is provided as they were not exactly the same.

A sheet that is well worth picking up.

November 2023

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My thanks to Lifelike Decals for the review set. Check you local hobby shop for availability.

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