Lifelike 48-061: Mitsubishi A6M Zero Part 1
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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet from Lifelike Decals is for the A6M fan in the crowd. There are 13 markings options provided covering the entire Pacific War. You are offered both single color and the later two color options.

Here is what you have.

1 is an A6M2 from the Akagi during the Pearl Harbor attack.

2 is from 1945 is an A6M5 as flown by Takeo Tanimizu of the 203 Ku.

3 is an A6M3 type 22 of Tetsuzo Iwamoto of the 253 Ku in January 1944 at Rabaul.

4 is an A6M3 type 32 of the 582 Ku at Lae in early 1943.

5 is an A6M2 of the Kanoya Ku in late 1942 at Kavieng.

6 is another A6M2, this of the Oita Ku, a training unit in 1943.

7 is an A6M3 type 32 of the Tainan Ku at Buna in January 1943.

8 is another type 32 of the 2nd Ku at Buna as flown by Kazuo Tsunoda in August 1942.

9 is a type 52 of Tetsuzo Iwamoto of the 253 Ku in Feb 1944.

10 is a type 32 of Takeo Tanimizu of the Tainan Ku in September 1943.

11 is a type 21 flown by Fusata Iida on the Soryu during the Pearl Harbor attack.

12 is a type 22 based at Rabaul in August 1943.

13 is another Tetsuzo Iwamoto mount, a type 21 aboard the Zuikaku during Pearl Harbor.

Finally, an A6M2-N floatplane of Keizo Yamasaki based at Shortlands in early 1943

As always, you are provided copious information on each subject as well as treatises on several interesting subjects related to the aircraft on the sheet. Most interesting is that on early Zero colors. As was stated by Firesign Theater, 'everything you know is wrong'. Decals themselves are printed by Microscale so you know you have some of the highest quality out there. In addition to the unique markings, you get one of LifeLike's hinomaru sheets that was reviewed last time.

Recommended kits are by Hasegawa, Tamiya, and Eduard.

November 2023

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