Lifelike 48-057: Type 97 Fighters Part 5
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Scott Van Aken

This recent sheet from Lifelike Decals provides markings for eight different aircraft. These are all in a base color of Grey-Green #1, which the instructions state is very close to RLM 02, but I'd go with Tamiya's shade before I used that.. Two options have the upper surface painted in Nakajima Dark Green. One thing to note. If the aircraft has a fuselage hinomaru, then it has yellow wing leading edges. You will also need to paint the cowling red on those planes that have it. For kits, I believe the Hasegawa/Mania kit is it for 1/48. This kit is not difficult to locate and is actually fairly nice considering its age.

First option is from the first sentai, first chutai based in China during 1939. This plane also has a red wing stripe.

Next up is a 5th sentai, 3rd chutai aircraft base at Kashiwa Air Base at the end of 1940.

Third is is an aircraft of the 11th sentai, 1st chutai based in China during May 1939. This was flown by Kenji Shimada, who was fairly successful in this aircraft.

The number four option is with the 50th sentai, 3rd chutai at Clark AB in the Philippines during January 1942.

From the 76th Shinbu-tai based at Chiran AB in April 1945 is our next option.

Aircraft number six is one that should be familiar to many as it is the subject of one of the Hasegawa boxings. It is with the 84th independent chutai at Kwantung China in October 1939. This aircraft also has a red wing stripe.

Next up is a 77th sentai, third chutai plane based at Mingaladon, Burma in December 1941. This aircraft is painted in dark green, green, and brown on the upper surfaces.

This set also includes some masks for the cowling markings used when synchronizing the guns that you might wish to apply. Note that these are the 'you cut them out' type, though they are on masking material. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. There looks to be enough common markings for at least two options. A most welcome sheet and one that I think you will find most interesting and useful.

April 2021

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