Leading Edge Models 72-001: RCAF Golden Hawks
Units: Golden Hawks


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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/48 and 1/32.

One of the most colorful display teams was the RCAF's Golden Hawks. This team flew the Sabre 6 which had a slatted 6-3 wing as well as some scoops on the lower fuselage that mark them as different from the USAF F-86E/F. In this scale, there are quite a few nice kits to choose from though some will probably require a mod or two to bring to specs. Nice F-86 kits are available in 1/72 from Airfix and Hobby Boss with Heller producing an older one that isn't that bad.

This is a reprint of Leading Edge Models' first sheet and it is a most welcome sheet for Sabre fans. The sheet provides markings from planes flying during the 1959, 1962 and 1963 seasons. Apparently these planes flew with the slats locked in the up position to prevent problems from them deploying during slow formation flying.

The decals are superbly printed and allow you to build one aircraft. A nice stand decal is also included to add to your display. Instructions are superb providing information on details that most other sheets would miss. This includes a page of detail drawings of the cockpit and seat from the pilot's manual.

A nice limited reissue that you should consider getting. This sheet is also available for 1/48 and 1/32 modelers.

May 2014

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Get yours direct from the link.

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