Leading Edge Decals 32.25 CAF T-33 Metal/Red scheme

Units: 414sq, AETE, CAF Cold Lake




Scott Van Aken


With the recent release of the Czech Model T-33 in 1/32, Leading Edge Decals has been releasing some previous 1/48 sheets in this scale to be used on the new kit. This particular sheet from 1998, is for the 'silver and red' scheme that were commonplace until the greys took over. Often times, these planes were painted in aluminum lacquer instead of being unpainted aluminum. The outside of the tip tanks, outer wing panels and horizontal stabs were painted a bright red.

Three options are provided on this sheet. The first is an aircraft of 414 "Black Knights" squadron based at CFB North Bay, Ontario. This aircraft carries a black and red tail band, and the squadron emblem on the tail fin.

The second option is for an aircraft of the CFB Cold Lake Base flight. This aircraft carries a red, white, and black Cold Lake emblem on the tail fin.

 As with all Leading Edge sheets, all the necessary data markings are provided for one aircraft. Not shown are a set of masks for the canopy as well as for the nose anti-glare panel, tip tank refuelling openings, and the wing walk areas in case you'd rather not use the decals. There is even a decal for the additional left fuselage exhaust port that was required due to the more powerful Canadair engine used on these planes. A modeler's note is that the kit rudder needs to be straight and it starts curving before it reaches the fin tip. Simply adding a small section of plastic card and forming to the correct shape will fix this.

As always, the decals are superbly printed and in perfect register. In all, an excellent choice for this big kit.

July 2010

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

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