Leading Edge 72.075: Dash 8 'Gonzo'

Units: 402 Sq, CAF




Scott Van Aken

Note: Includes resin conversion set

Once again, Leading Edge has produced a unique and quality decal sheet. This one is for Canada's DeHavilland DHC-8 Nav Trainer. There are four of these CT-142 aircraft flown by 402 Sq and they are used both as Navigation Trainers and by the squadron itself for standard transport missions.

The recommended (and only) kit for this set is the Hobbycraft Dash 8. The kit instructions recommend painting over the kit windows (which are too large) and using the provided decals. The sheet itself is superbly printed and gives you everything you'll need to do an outstanding reproduction. Typical of Leading Edge, the instructions are very comprehensive with a copious number of drawings and photographs. A color photo card is included with interior and detail shots of the landing gear.

Since the Hobbycraft kit cannot be built as this variant, Leading Edge has provided a resin update set to go along with this sheet. It includes a new nose, nose gear doors and a variety of other lumps and bumps. A truly superb sheet and one you really should consider.

March 2005

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support. If you cannot find these at your local hobby shop, contact them direct at the link above.

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