Leading Edge 48.80: RCAF Mustangs Part 1

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

Note: Set is 1/48 scale. Also available in  1/32 and 1/72

One great thing about Leading Edge Decals is that when they do a new sheet, they do not just limit it to one scale. It has often been said that 1/48 is the king of scale in North America and that may well be true, judging by how many models in this scale one sees at US and Canadian shows.

Like the previous sheet, this one contains markings for six different aircraft from four different units. Like the previous sheet, this one contains three resin ADF antennas. Unlike the previous sheet, this one has enough common markings to allow you to do four aircraft, thanks to the smaller size of the markings.

Here are some generalities about these aircraft in terms of the way they were painted and equipped. Those delivered from 1950 onward generally had black interiors, cuffless Hamilton Standard props and were painted overall aluminum lacquer. One can assume that during the overhaul, the putty in the seams of the wings was removed if it wasn't already.

Now on to the schemes

FC*M was from the RCAF Winter Experimental Establishment in Edmonton. This is one of the first aircraft recieved so has the Interior Green cockpit and a cuffed prop. It is also unpainted metal.

There are three aircraft options from 433 Squadron. These planes have the blue spinner and striping. You get three options as there are three different styles of unit badge on the fuselage. Aircraft 272 had an Interior Green cockpit.

The aircraft with a white spinner and PR code is from 403 Squadron in Calgary.

Finally, with the large red lightning bolt is an aircraft from 422 Squadron in Vancouver. This aircraft likely had an Interior Green cockpit.

The decals themselves are superbly printed with excellent research that includes photo references for each set of markings, just as one would expect from Leading Edge. For kits, pretty much anything in 1/48th scale will be sufficient. Most will probably choose the Hasegawa or Tamiya kits, especially the latter as it comes with uncuffed props.

February 2012

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

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