Leading Edge 48-048: 433 Sq CF-18A Special:
60 years of 433 Sq and 100 years of flight

Units: 433 Squadron


CAD $17.00


Scott Van Aken

Note: Sheet also available in 1/72 as 72-48

This is another in Leading Edge's series of wild CF-18 paint schemes and it is great that they have reissued this one as these birds are real beauties.

Basically, the builder paints all the black stuff and then applies what are on the sheets to the kit being used. The instructions, as always, are first rate and provide templates for the areas you need to paint. What is really nice is that LE offers precision placement telling you exactly where a decal should be placed so there is no error. In addition, you get all the stencils and special leading edge protector decals. This is the 1/48 sheet that is shown. The only difference between it and the 1/72 version is size. The 1/72 set contains one full and one third sheet whereas this set is two full and one half sheet

What is really nice is that there are multiples of some of the decals depending on whether you want the speedbrake open or the flaps down or if you want to paint on some of the colors instead of using the decal (such as the orange on the stab and wing tips). Though no specific kit is mentioned (unless I overlooked that info), however there are a variety of kits in this scale from Revell/Monogram, Academy, Kinetic, Hasegawa and others.

Another really excellent decal sheet. If you like this and other colorful Hornets, you really should treat yourself to one of these sheets. Not wanting to perpetuate a cliché, but you'll be glad you did.

December 2023

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support. If you cannot find these at your local hobby shop, you can get them at this link.

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