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Scott Van Aken

This is a nice offering for the 1/72 Sabre. The sheet has a number of different variants on it with some schemes that have been offered on other sheets before. Note that in some cases, the specific sub-variant has not been mentioned so one will have to do some sleuthing to determine which wings the aircraft is supposed to have. Unless mentioned, the aircraft is in overall unpainted metal. Note also that some of the aircraft have standard drop tanks, but about half of them use the finless tanks used by Japanese Sabres. For those, you'll pretty much have to get a Fujimi kit as that is the only one I know of that includes these tanks.

Starting from the left is a Pakistan Air Force Sabre Mk.6 in dark green or olive over a light grey or sky. Just below that is another Pakistan AF plane in unpainted metal. It is an F-86F-40.

Third is an Iranian Air Force F-86F-30 as operated in conjunction with the UN in the Congo during 1963.

The fourth option is a Malayan Sabre Mk.27 in dark green over grey. For this you'll need to find a conversion set or perhaps a High Planes kit (assuming they did one).

Moving to the right is an Argentine F-86F-30 from the 1960s.

Then a Turkish Sabre Mk.2 also from the 1960s.

The Ethiopian aircraft is an F-86F-30.

Finally, a Peruvian F-86F. Subtype isn't provided so it could be a short wing or a long wing version.

The sheet is a bit crowded, but well printed and includes sufficient data markings for one. There are a bevy of kits out there that could be used, though you'll have to try to match the kit to the differences between each option. In that case, you'd probably do well to use the Fujimi kit for at least the long wing kits and those that need the Japanese finless drop tanks.

January 2024

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