ODecals 72105: An-26 'Curl' - Anniversary Markings

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180 Karuna (about $8.75) from www.hobbyshop.cz


Scott Van Aken

We have another interesting anniversary scheme from ODecal. This one is for 90 years of Prague-Kleby air base in the Czech Rebublic that was celebrated in 2008. The aircraft it was used on was an An-26 'Curl'. For those seeking usable kits, AModel does one in this scale.

The sheet includes not only the standard anniversary markings, but additional markings that were added for the Waddington air show in 2009. The scheme will require the builder to paint on the various colors for the right and left engine cowlings as well as the background for the right side of the fin as shown in the additional image. A full set of data markings is included along with the low visibility insignia for the wings.  will also need to paint the turtle head in black along with the top of the tail boom.

Instructions contain painting and placement information as well as color references for a number of paint brands.  The decals are superbly printed and without registration glitches. It will definitely make for an interesting presentation!

July 2012

My thanks to www.hobbyshop.cz for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

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