Kedi Decals KDT48-001: P-40B/E

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: ALPS printed decals


For something a bit off the norm, here is a fine sheet from Kedi Decals on Turkish AF P-40s. Turkey operated both the early Tomahawks and later Warhawk versions. For this 1/48 sheet, you do have options in terms of kits. For the Tomahawks, there is Monogram and Hobbycraft. The P-40E can be found from Revell, Otaki, and AMtech. There is an announcement of a Hasegawa P-40E so that should make Warhawk fans most pleased. All of these planes are in something close to Dark Earth/Dark Green over a light grey or sky color. There are color profiles on the Website.

The sheet includes markings for four aircraft. Three of them are Tomahawks while one is a Warhawk. One full set of insignia is provided as are the unique markings for all four planes. Please note that when applying the white star on the rudder that the point is forward, as that is the standard presentation on the national flag.

Overall, a really nice sheet and now you have the ability to add something a bit more interesting to your collection.

This sheet courtesy of Kedi Decals. Thanks for your support

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